14 Tips For An Organised Kitchen

31 March 202014 Tips For An Organised Kitchen

As all of us are spending plenty of time at home over the coming weeks (and probably using this time to blitz our homes of the mess) here are our ‘14 Tips For An Organised Kitchen’ to inspire you with some clever storage solutions in order to keep your kitchen clear of clutter and super functional.

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#1. Jar and Spice Racks

Simple jar racks hung on the back of doors will make all your jars and spices much more accessible. These are handy for everyday cooking essentials that you always need to grab quickly whilst cooking. 

jar and spice racks

#2. Internal Drawers

Internal drawers mean you can strategically place and store all your items in an organised, easy-to-find fashion! Drawers are always more functional over fixed shelves as you can pull these right out to see what’s inside.

internal drawers


#3. Spice Drawers

These hidden integrated spice drawers built into the mantle surround are just so convenient and close by when cooking. They simply “push to open” to reveal all your cooking spices and condiments – This means you can hide all your ingredients away keeping your worktop free of clutter.

spice drawers


#4. Knife Inserts

A Krantz kitchen is completely unique, with no drawer left unconsidered. This insert finished in solid walnut is designed to keep those sharp knives safe and orderly.

knife inserts


#5. Spice Inserts

Engraving adds that personal touch to every kitchen. These tailor-made spice inserts in solid oak ensure a neat and organised way to store all your cooking ingredients.

spice inserts


#6. Cutlery/Utensil Inserts

There is nothing more frustrating than trying to prepare a meal and being unable to find the right utensil. Or you may have suffered the embarrassment of having a dinner party and being unable to find your bottle opener. A cutlery tray makes it so easy to find everything, exactly when you need it!

cutlery/utensils inserts


#7. Peg Inserts

Storing all your plates and pots in wide pan drawers for easy access is a must, and peg inserts ensure your plates won’t chip when opening and closing those drawer fronts.

peg inserts


#8. Trays 

We would always recommend the introduction of solid wood against the sprayed furniture as it adds detail and warmth to the design. In addition to the aesthetic advantages, bespoke trays are much easier to store when they have their own special place in the kitchen. 



#9. Built-in Bin Unit

Keeping your kitchen free of clutter is essential, and an integrated bin cabinet allows you to do just that! All of our bin cabinets are supplied with an internal top drawer, a handy space for all your bin and recycling bags. 

built in bin


#10. Tiered Shelving

Who else has been guilty of finding out of date ingredients at the back of their pantry cabinet? Tiered shelving means all your food will always be in view, so nothing should ever reach its sell-by date!

Tiered Shelving

#11. Chopping Blocks 

All our bespoke chopping blocks are supplied with endgrain timber which has the advantage of being both attractive and easy on your knives. Along with its durable properties, this cutting board construction creates a distinctive looking checkerboard pattern.

chopping blocks


#12. Hidden Bottle Storage

Another clever storage solution by our design team, are these built-in bottle drawers – These can also be used for other items such as Kilner jars and other food storage bottles.

Hidden Bottle Storage


#13. Scalloped Bottle Drawers

Larders don’t always have to be for food, this one is filled with local ales, beer and wine. Utilising the jar racks for bottles and also some internal scalloped wine storage drawers – these are on runners which pull right out when you’re ready to drink or move to the fridge!

Scalloped Bottle Drawers


#14. Built-in Wine Storage

Displaying your wine can create a lovely feature in the space. This is a shot of a wine display we installed with angled oak shelves with a wenge stain. We used a backdrop of backlit onyx which provides a subtle atmospheric glow in the evenings.

Built-in Wine Storage












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