A Guide To Lighting Your Bespoke Kitchen

20 February 2022A Guide To Lighting Your Bespoke Kitchen

5 lighting concepts you need to be thinking about when designing your bespoke kitchen.

Professionally designed kitchens deserve to have strategically planned lighting which compliments and enhances the design

We are detailing the 5 key concepts you need to be thinking about when you plan lighting into your kitchen. Without complimentary lighting, designs can look flat and uninspiring, but correctly aligning kitchen features with lighting concepts really brings a kitchen to life.


Feature lighting

Starting with the most noticeable and dramatic of lighting concepts, feature lighting gives a specific look and feel to a kitchen, especially those with modern and contemporary design. The most common way to easily achieve feature lighting is with a pendant light, hanging directly from the ceiling.

There are two things to consider when choosing your pendant light. Firstly, the placement of your feature lighting is key to making sure design and functionality work as one. Perhaps over a kitchen island used for preparation, or over dining tables for creating a mood while you dine. It is common to only have one feature light depending on how large your space is.

Secondly the pendant feature you choose is incredibly important. Different shades on the light fitting will distribute varying amounts of light, for example a glass shade will distribute light wider that a brass one. Think about how far you want the light to be cast and choose your fitting accordingly – take a look at Lux Deco’s range for design inspiration.


How to achieve feature lighting – Choose which area you want to feature, then choose a pendant light to compliment your design, ensuring the fitting provides the desired lighting effect.

Project Lincoln – Kitchen Design Lincoln | Traditional & Timeless | Krantz Designs

Jim Lawrence Chalford Pendant Light Antique Brass Finish – Glass Chalford Pendant Light | Ceiling Pendant Lights | Jim Lawrence (jim-lawrence.co.uk)

Ceiling Lights

These fittings tend to be more functional and less noticeable in relation to your kitchen design. They distribute light to all areas of the kitchen and support the functionality of your space.

A common choice is a flush fitting bezel, centrally fitted to your ceiling to distribute light across the whole space. You don’t have to compromise on design for your ceiling light just because it’s out of sight line. Jim Lawrence has some exquisite examples of flush fitting lights that are simple, in order to not draw the eye, but still beautiful in their design.

Controllability is key with ceiling lights; we recommend fitting a dimmer to ensure it can be controlled according to mood and activity.


How to achieve the right ceiling lighting – Common types include a flush fitting light or rows of spots that follow the lines of cabinetry in your kitchen.

Project Sloane – Two Tone Kitchen | Bold Kitchen Colours | Krantz Designs 

Elstead Lighting – Rise & Fall Pendant Light Polished Nickel – Provence 1 Light Rise and Fall Pendant – Polished Nickel – PV-P-PN – Elstead Lighting Ltd

Mood Lighting

Mood lighting is incredibly important in any kitchen design, firstly to ensure its features get the recognition they deserve but it also helps you to achieve the maximum functionality from your kitchen in daily life. By creating different moods for different occasions, you can use your kitchen for much more than just cooking.

Some examples of how you can create mood lighting are;

-Up-lighting above tall cabinetry which doesn’t reach the ceiling

-Up-lighting tucked into ornate coving

-Enhancing cabinetry underneath breakfast bars with down-lighting

-Creating a soft glow inside glass fronted cabinetry with back lighting

-Wall lights to add drama to walls without cabinets

-Using flexible strip lighting in open display cabinets or shelving

How to achieve Mood Lighting – LED strip lighting is a common and flexible way to achieve lighting under shelves and cabinets, wall lighting like these examples from Fritz Fryer or even possibly PIR lighting which turn on when you are in the vicinity of a motion sensor.

Project Chelsea II – Chelsea II Wine Display Home | Luxury From Krantz Designs

Sensio Furniture Lighting Solutions – Sensio Furniture Lighting Solutions

Task Lighting

Task lighting serves a purpose and supports the activity in your kitchen with directional and purposeful placements. You could find task lighting inside a mantle over the cooker or even a pendant light over cooking islands double up as task lighting.


Often you will find tiltable, directional spotlights under cabinetry or above cabinets plastered into the ceiling in line with the cabinetry. Task lighting is important to kitchen design as it ensures your kitchen is as functional as possible, for example eliminating shadows in preparation areas.


How to achieve Task Lighting – Start by identifying the areas that are the most functional and will receive the most activity, then ensure the appropriate lighting is planned into the design to support those functionalities. This is often achieved with rows of tiltable spotlights along the lines of your cabinetry.

Project Belford – Belford I Large Kitchen Island | Choose Krantz Designs

Collingwood Lighting – Under Cabinet Lighting | Collingwood Lighting

Lighting as a feature

Lighting doesn’t have to be added to a design, it can be built in at the start of the process, and the kitchen designed around it. One way to achieve this is with either dropped ceiling panels or recessed ceiling panels. These have controllable lighting installed inside to avoid hanging or protruding light fittings.

If you are looking for a minimalist and sleek design this might be the option for you. It means that the kitchen design can be aligned to the ceiling panels, such as centralising a kitchen island or matching cabinetry to the lines of the lighting panel.

(You can see an example of recessed ceiling panels in our recent case study with Pure Theatre) Classy Home Cinema installed in Windsor | Pure Theatre

How to achieve lighting as a feature – It’s important that you notify your kitchen designer at the beginning of the design process so the layout can be centred around your panelling. Choose if you want dropped or recessed panelling and match with soft hidden fixtures such as LED light strips.

Project – Eton Cinema Room – Showing a dropped bulkhead detail in a cinema room with coving detail to hide uplighting 

Project – Kingsmead Master Suite – Project nearing completion, this shows a perimeter bulkhead with dropped cornice and feature uplighting 

Project Savoy – Luxury Home Bar | Luxury Bar Designs For Home | Krantz Designs

How do I pull together the different lighting concepts so it’s easy and functional in daily life?

Here at Krantz Designs we like to use automated systems such as Rako.

A Rako Control System groups together the different concepts into moods and functionalities so that you only press one button to match your lights to the occasion. Choose when you might be using your kitchen and what for, then have the team create settings such as Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, or perhaps Entertaining, Working and Socialising and simply click to set the mood.

Rako systems are versatile and adjustable to work alongside whatever your kitchen life demands. Find out more information about how Rako could work in your home on their website.


Krantz Designs & Lighting your Bespoke Kitchen

We start by thinking about the different functionalities of your kitchen and integrate lighting concepts into the design. It’s all part of the planning service at Krantz Designs. Working one-to-one with our clients to make sure the design and serviceability of your kitchen is perfectly aligned.

If you would like to book an initial consultation to speak to one of our experienced designers, you can contact us through the website.

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