Combine Elegance and Comfort with a Banquette Seating Area

11 September 2023Combine Elegance and Comfort with a Banquette Seating Area

It’s not a secret that we love a banquette seat here at Krantz Designs. The beauty of bespoke means you can tailor your home to how you live, and a banquette seat improves the flexibility of your space while adding a touch of luxury.

Want a relaxed dining space for all the family? Or a cosy nook for an evening read? We’ve got you covered.


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What is a banquette seat?

A banquette is a seat or bench that has been specially designed to fit into a certain space. Generally, banquette seats run along a wall, but they can also be backed for open dining areas or booths. Banquette seats are often found in restaurants and cafés, but nowadays we see more and more designers incorporating banquette areas into luxury kitchen drawings.

Why choose banquette seating?

First and foremost, banquette seats are great space savers. They eliminate the circulation space around a dining table, and they work in rooms of all sizes. Even if you still have a separate dining table for larger events, banquette seating gives you a dedicated space for daily meals and informal get-togethers, and these seats typically offer far more comfort than a bar stool at a kitchen island.

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In our Lincoln Project, we were limited for space but wanted to provide a seating area that was comfortable and flexible. We integrated the banquette seating into the island, creating a dining space for the whole family that was far more fit for purpose than a smaller breakfast bar seating area.

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When introducing curved seating, our designers will generally pair a banquette seat with a pedestal table. This avoids table legs getting in anyone’s way and ensures easy access in and out of the seating area. Add a feature pendant light and you’ll have a statement piece that compliments your kitchen design and gives you atmospheric lighting while you dine.

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Banquette seating storage benefits

Not only can banquette seating save space, but you can also create extra storage space by incorporating push-to-open drawers or lift-up bench seats. Add charging ports in the hidden drawers for easy access when working at the table, or add shoe storage integrations within bench seats in boot rooms and utility areas.

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Our hidden plug sockets and USB charging ports are especially popular within kitchen banquettes. Cables are kept hidden away in drawers, making easy to encourage the kids to put their phones or iPads on charge and keep them out of the way during mealtimes!

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Styling and upholstery

The style of the seat should not only compliment the rest of the cabinetry; it should also be comfortable and proportionate. Going for an upholstered base and back in the kitchen or snug is important if you’re going to spend a lot of time there. Upholstered banquette seating can give a luxurious, elegant feel to any space, and a simple flute detail can complement traditional or contemporary kitchens effortlessly. We recommend opting for a material that’s easy to clean if you plan to eat at your banquette seats.

In transitory spaces, such as hallways or boot/utility rooms, timber tops with scatter cushions are often used to give a more relaxed feel.

Open-plan banquette seats

Open-plan living is becoming increasingly popular in larger houses, and banquette seating really lends itself to this. Whether your seating area is built into a corner, placed by a window, or embedded into a kitchen island, guests gravitate towards these areas as a more relaxed alternative to a formal dining table.

Banquette seats are cosy settings that bring people together. A dining table with 6 chairs will only ever seat six, but a banquette booth fits as many as you like, depending on how cosy you want it to be! Whether you’re enjoying a lazy weekend breakfast, catching up on work, or having a games night with friends – your banquette seating area provides the perfect setting.

Beyond the social attributes of bespoke banquette seating areas, bench seats can be added to more solitary, functional seating areas. These seats create cosy nooks in bay window areas and provide the perfect reading spot. They can also be used in boot rooms as comfortable seating when you take your shoes off after a long day.

Regardless of your layout, banquette seating can elevate any space, improving functionality while retaining the signature luxury aesthetic of your bespoke Krantz kitchen.

Speak to your designer to learn more about your seating options. We’ll walk you through the many possibilities.

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