Do’s & Don’ts When Planning Your Kitchen Project

7 April 2022Do’s & Don’ts When Planning Your Kitchen Project

Kitchens really have become the heart of the home, so making sure you don’t have any regrets once the project is complete is so important. 

One of our main priorities at Krantz Designs is ensuring all the stress is taken out of the design and installation process of your kitchen project and guide you towards a layout and colour scheme that works with your lifestyle. We have put together the following list of some key Do’s and Don’ts to think about before starting your project… 




Firstly, the character of the existing building plays a big part in deciding upon the sort of style you choose for the kitchen. For example, if you are renovating a Georgian or Victorian property, or a farmhouse in a rural setting, this will lend itself well to the classic in-frame shaker style cabinetry. Whilst a city townhouse or contemporary new-build may welcome the minimalist simplicity of a sleek, handleless kitchen.

Project Lincoln I – Kitchen Design Lincoln | Traditional & Timeless | Krantz Designs

Project Eastgate I – Eastgate I – Minimalist Design | Krantz Designs


The worst regret would be to re-do your kitchen, and still struggle to find a place for your spice collection! Dedicated drawers with bespoke inserts or engravings will ensure your pantry stays in order, and movable shelving inside your cupboards mean you will never face the problem of a cereal box too high to fit!

Kitchen Cutlery Drawer/Organiser

Project Selby – Selby Project – Fully Bespoke | Krantz Designs

Vegetable & Bread Drawers

Project Richmond – Richmond – Unique Elements | Krantz Designs

spice drawers

Project Lincoln I – Kitchen Design Lincoln | Traditional & Timeless | Krantz Designs


Kitchens are used not only for cooking, but also dining, socialising and sometimes even doing the laundry. Having different options for lighting is key. Bright, task light is required for food prep or cleaning, so make sure your ceiling spots are placed accordingly and your extractor has good lighting. For social occasions, it is nice to have low-level lighting. Perhaps set your island pendants on a dimmer switch, or think about “mood lighting” for feature shelving. 

For your main pantry cupboard, why not add internal lighting that come on when you open the doors, for that extra help in finding items at the back of the shelves.

Project Eastgate I – Eastgate I – Minimalist Design | Krantz Designs

One tip to maximise light in a darker room would always be to choose a light worktop such as a white-based quartz, and a splashback that will offer reflection such as an antique mirror.

Project Sloane – Two Tone Kitchen | Bold Kitchen Colours | Krantz Designs


Replace your tired old kettle with a boiling water tap, and we promise you will not regret it! 

A bi-fold breakfast cabinet is also a must, to hide away toasters, coffee machines, mugs and sockets; leaving your worktop free for carefully chosen styling pieces and fresh flowers.

Project Lincoln I – Kitchen Design Lincoln | Traditional & Timeless | Krantz Designs

Project Sloane – Two Tone Kitchen | Bold Kitchen Colours | Krantz Designs



It’s so easy to get carried away with “maximising storage”, and try to fit as much furniture into the room as possible, especially if you don’t have the luxury of a huge space. However, it can quickly make the kitchen feel smaller. 

Instead, choose your largest wall to take your main run of cabinets, and build as high as possible to utilise the space. It’s nice to leave some walls to breathe, and gives the option of hanging a feature piece of artwork or a TV. Always consider the circulation space around a central island or dining table – we recommend 1m as the minimum.

Grey Theme Kitchen

Project Selby – Selby Project – Fully Bespoke | Krantz Designs


The number one mistake is to not continue your flooring under the kitchen cabinets! Always lay your chosen flooring across the entire room first, and install the kitchen last. This gives a great foundation for your cabinetry, and also means that if you ever choose to re-design the kitchen in 5-10 years time, you are not forced to start again with flooring. 


Between Instagram, Pinterest, or perhaps your monthly subscription to an Interiors Magazine, there is so much out there! Whilst it is great to take inspiration from others, try not to get too caught up in the latest trends. Make decisions based on your own personal likes and dislikes, as you are the one who will be spending most of your time in the space.


People will often go round and round with options, and put off making the important decisions. Then they nearly always come back to the first choice of colour/layout etc. 

Try not to worry and over-think, and always trust your gut instincts. At the end of the day, this should be an exciting and enjoyable process of designing your dream kitchen! 


By Jessica Sroga, Senior Designer @ Krantz Designs 

Photography by Paul Craig

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