Designing Your Dream Boot Room

22 February 2021Designing Your Dream Boot Room

Think of a boot room as a staging area, a halfway house between outside and in.

Designing a specific space to shake off the outside world before entering your home is the ideal way to create order, and keep your home from becoming a dumping ground of dirty boots and piles of parkas. A boot room should always be two things: functional, and bespoke to your lifestyle. This guide will will walk you through our top tips to create a space that is just right for you.

What is a boot room?

It might sound quite self-explanatory but there is so much more to a modern boot room than meets the eye. A traditional boot room is the perfect space to remove muddy boots and shoes, store coats and winter warmers like hats and scarves, alongside a space to drip dry umbrellas. This space should be designed with practical storage solutions such as ample hanging space and hidden storage under benches.

Krantz Designs is increasingly seeing requests for boot rooms that work even harder, integrating utility spaces to maximise functionality in one space. More and more people are wanting to move the laundry out of the kitchen; sliding your washing machine and dryer to the boot room/ utility space can kill two birds with one stone. Speaking of two birds, why not do the same with your washing machine and dryer, putting two in one with the Miele large capacity washer dryer to make laundry day a breeze!

utility space in the belford kitchen
Project: Belford II

What does my boot room need?

Here at Krantz, we know your boot rooms should be bespoke to your home and your lifestyle; made to measure to ensure no space is wasted when it comes to storage. We have a few ideas on features you can add to your boot room to get the most functionality from this space.

  1. Add a sink and tap – Perhaps a large Belfast sink, handy for pre-soaking the kids football kits after a Saturday on the pitch, or even doubling up as a dog bath for rinsing those mucky paws. Choosing a tap with a pull-out nozzle – such as the Quooker Flex – or adding a separate hand-rinse from the Perrin & Rowe traditional collection makes hosing down even easier!


Project: Lincoln II
CGI Boot Room Design
  1. Create a cosy corner for your furry friends – The family dog deserves a designer den, and you can integrate this feature into your boot room design. Whether this be an under the counter nook for a small breed or a larger built-in bed, you can make this space work for the whole family. Adding hooks on the wall gives an ideal place for hanging leashes, and small drawers or baskets keep toys and treats tucked away neatly.
Project: Lincoln II
  1. Every boot room needs a perch – Unlacing boots, pulling off wellies or just taking a breather, having a place to perch in your boot room is essential. In order to not loose precious storage space with chairs or couches, why not install a bespoke bench with space underneath for shoes and lawn games. Adding an upholstered seat cushion, or perhaps some fabric scatter cushions, adds a touch of comfort to your boot room aesthetic; transforming your perch into a cosy reading nook.


Full storage space
Project: Belford II
CGI Boot Room Seating Design
  1. Tailor to your home and lifestyle – Think about elements of your life that don’t have a place to call home. Do the bicycle helmets always end up on the kitchen counter or is the ironing board toppling out of the hallway cabinet? Create storage solutions that work for your daily routine, such as bespoke cubbies so each member of the family has their own space, or open shelving for storage baskets or sport bags. Think about the time you will spend in the room and what tasks it will accommodate. Well placed outlets for charging devices or plugging in an iron could make those boring chores that little bit easier.


Project: Sloane

How should my boot room be laid out?

A great starting point is to consider the flow of functionality when designing the layout for a walk-through space such as a boot room. Where is the entry point from the outside, and what is the first thing you do as you walk in the door? Most of us would take off our coats and hang them up before taking a seat to remove our shoes. Therefore a hanging rack and bench should be closest to the door, so we don’t trudge the outside too far in.

CGI Utility / Boot Room Design

Your storage should also be planned according to necessity with three levels to consider:

  1. High level storage – Open shelves and head height cupboards for keeping those lesser used or bulky items that only make it out for garden parties or holidays. You could even go the extra mile to adding a library ladder to access higher storage, creating a real wow factor for the space.
    CGI Utility / Boot Room Design


  2. Mid level storage – Plenty of hooks for hanging coats, hats and jackets; or cupboards for cleaning supplies.
    Project: Sloane


  3. Low level storage – Under bench storage or floor-level cubbies for wellington boots and the odd football that need to be tucked away less they become trip hazards.


Our design team are experienced and passionate about creating with you the ideal layout and design for your boot room. If you want to see how they can help you, just contact us to book a consultation with a designer. Alternatively, follow the Krantz Designs Instagram feed, for daily ideas to inspire your next home improvement project!


Author Rosie Smith – Clubhouse Creative



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