Expert craftsmanship meets precision machinery: A glimpse inside the Krantz Designs Workshop

12 January 2024Expert craftsmanship meets precision machinery: A glimpse inside the Krantz Designs Workshop

The foundations of a truly bespoke, luxury kitchen rest on the relationship between the designer and the client. At Krantz Designs, we pride ourselves on our commitment to excellent customer service, and this passion filters down into every aspect of what we do.

By getting to know our clients, we’re able to make suggestions to further tailor our designs to them. And by developing close bonds that last well beyond the final tour of the space, we ensure our clients are happy with every aspect of their Krantz kitchen in the long-term.

With such emphasis placed on our designer/client relationship, our incredible workshop team are often overlooked. They work tirelessly behind the scenes to bring our designs to reality – transforming quality wood and raw materials into meticulously finished kitchen components, ready for installation.

Bespoke cabinetry

On average, one Krantz kitchen is made up of over 3,500 individual components, and our manufacturing team can have up to six kitchens in the workshop at any given time.

Raw wood is brought into the workshop – bark and all – and every length is worked and treated from scratch. We use many different types of wood, including European Oak, American walnut, Maple and tulipwood, for our cabinet interiors.

Advanced machinery is used for precision cutting and routering, but the human touch is irreplaceable when it comes to assembly and finishing. Our joiners and carpenters take great pride in their work, ensuring that every component reflects the ethos of excellence that Krantz upholds.

Attention to Detail

From soft-close doors with hidden magnets to our expert hand-painted finish, attention to detail is everything when designing a Krantz Designs kitchen.

Painted surfaces are primed, de-nibbed, and sanded multiple times to achieve the perfect finish. Kitchens are assembled and disassembled at least twice during the painting phase. In this way, we ensure that no part of your kitchen is overlooked. A final hand-painted finish is then applied following installation.

Going behind the scenes

We have recently began taking clients on a tour of our workshop mid-way through the production process. This meant that they could see their kitchen being made and gain a better understanding of the intricate craftsmanship has gone into creating it.

Our expert manufacturers use traditional woodworking techniques learned over decades of experience, alongside the latest innovations in precision machinery, to bring our designs to life. It is only by striking a perfect balance between old and new approaches that we’re able to make sure that every joint, edge, and finish is flawlessly executed, while retaining the heart and soul of a truly bespoke, handmade piece of furniture.

Showing our clients the method behind these processes means that they’re able to better appreciate their new kitchen in situ. Opening a drawer becomes an opportunity to admire beautiful dovetail joints. Enjoying a cup of coffee at your breakfast bar offers a quiet moment to appreciate the artistry behind your cabinets’ paint finish.

We appreciate things more when we understand the effort that went into producing them.

Our workshop tours allow us to show our clients – not just tell them – the work that has gone into creating their bespoke cabinetry.

Krantz clients can expect an invitation to the workshop mid-way through the production stage. For future-clients and kitchen design enthusiasts, Barney Krantz of Krantz Productions has put together a taster of our tours.

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