A Guide To The Perfect Pantry Cupboard

5 February 2021A Guide To The Perfect Pantry Cupboard

Pantries and larders used to be an integral part of a traditional kitchen. Here at Krantz Designs we are seeing an ever-growing demand for pantries in modern kitchen designs. We advocate the organisational benefits of having a dedicated pantry cupboard integrated to a kitchen, helping you to streamline the use of your kitchen for cooking and entertaining. Practical storage solutions are key to keeping a sleek and uncluttered kitchen space.

Tiered Shelving - Pantry
Project: Lincoln I

What’s the difference between a cupboard and a pantry?

A pantry serves a very specific role in your kitchen. Cupboards are made for kitchenware such as crockery, with lots of open space, ideal for larger items. A pantry is specifically designed to hold all your dry store products and ingredients, often organised into sections so you can find items with ease. Krantz Designs composes bespoke cabinets to suit your habits and cooking style including spice racks, engraved storage draws, and shelving at just the right hight. Modern hand-crafted luxury pantries often include state of the art appliances such as integrated wine coolers or counter-top space with vegetable washing sinks.

Double pantry cupboard space in the Cole
Project: Westminster

Where is the best placement for my kitchen pantry cupboard?

Take advantage of the space you have at hand. Build a full height, double doored pantry cupboard in an unused alcove to house all of your ambient supermarket shop. Perhaps you just need a pantry for your cereals, breads and preserves to call home, in which case a bespoke mid-level breakfast pantry with space for your kettle and toaster may be the best use of space. While you are there, integrate your morning caffeine boost with appliances such as Miele’s built-in coffee machine, keeping everything for your morning routine under one metaphorical roof.

Pantry cupboard & coffee machine
Project: Shoreditch

Visiting your pantry becomes a part of your cooking routine so ensuring it’s convenient to your process is important. Would it be better placed next to your food preparation area for access to raw ingredients or perhaps opposite your cooking zone for adding impromptu spices to experimental dishes? Depending on the layout of your kitchen, speaking to a professional kitchen designer can help you make these decisions. Working with large open plan spaces opposed to compact galley kitchens can require an experienced touch when it comes to laying out your kitchen features.


There are three initial options when it comes to adding a bespoke pantry cupboard to your kitchen design..

Built-in Pantry

A bespoke designed built-in pantry cupboard takes the space of what could have been cupboards or worktop space and the exterior design is coherent with the rest of your design, using the same doors and handles as the rest of your kitchen. This is the most commonly requested pantry addition as it fits snugly into your design, not standing out as a feature, until you swing open the doors.

Walk-in Pantry

This is only an option if you have the luxury of space as it is essentially an entire room ancillary to your kitchen. This space is designed with the same aesthetic as your kitchen, matching cupboard doors and worktops but with the added organisation found in a pantry. That means tailored shelving, racking and custom storage built around your needs.

Pantry / Larder

You can combine two functions by adding fridges and freezers to this space making it into a hybrid pantry and larder in one. Some like to have all their practicality in one tidy space, and this multi-functionality space is ideal for housing all the elements of your kitchen you might not want on show. This can be applied to both a built-in and walk-in space depending on how many appliances you may want to integrate. Take a look at SubZero integrated refrigeration for some inspiration if you want to give one space two functions.


Built in bespoke pantry cupboard

Bespoke kitchen cupboard
Project: Belgravia

Krantz Designs top tips for a bespoke & well-designed pantry

  1. Add spice racks and tiered shelving to organise all your oils, vinegars, spices and herbs. Stop all those little bottles and jars getting lost amongst the dry store.
  2. Tailor the height of your shelving to suit products you buy. This way you don’t waste space in your bespoke pantry.
  3. Make your pantry Instagram-worthy by decanting your products into stylish jars to eradicate bulky and unsightly packaging.
  4. Lighting is absolutely essential! Internal lights that come on with sensors as you open the doors mean that nothing ever gets lost at the back of the cupboard, and add that extra ‘wow’ factor.
  5. Think about pantry draws or vertical racking as alternatives to storing products. This can make your pantry more dynamic in style and become more versatile as your needs change.
  6. It’s the detail that makes a pantry a design feature as well as a practical addition. Each element of your pantry should be bespoke, from adding hinges that open the doors a full 180°, to handles, hooks and draw pulls which make it ooze with style. Armac Martin  have a huge collection of accessories, including catches, bolts, hinges and handles to add that finishing touch to your bespoke pantry.
  7. Why not even go that extra mile, and add bespoke engraving to your drawers – giving a specific storage place for ‘Tea’, ‘Coffee’, ‘Bread’ or even ‘Treats’!
Storing dry goods
Project: White Hart

If you need more inspiration on how to keep your kitchen organised check out our ’14 tips to an Organised Kitchen’ blog post for practical ideas that you can apply to more than just your bespoke pantry cupboard.

top tips for an organised kitchen - blog

Krantz Designs experienced kitchen designers are the perfect resource to use if you are thinking about a bespoke pantry or larder for your kitchen. Simply contact us if you think you may want a professional touch to your design and planning.


Author – Rosie Smith (Clubhouse Creative)

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