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Make space for a coffee station


The options to heighten the pleasure of the daily caffeine ritual

WHERE TO START ‘Coffee is a total pleasure, from the ritual of the process to the flavour, of course, the shot of caffeine that makes the day a little easier,’ says Justin Kowbel, co-founder of Borough Kitchen, who recommends buying your coffee making kit according to the style of drink you prefer – from a classic, rich espresso to a frothy cappuccino, to a long, mellow filter coffee. ‘If you are spending £3 a day on a takeaway coffee, the cost quickly adds up, making it worth investing in a machine to make the drink you love,’ he says. Affordable options include the simple filter paper and cone, cafetiere or stove top espresso maker, up to top-of-the-range espresso machines, some with built in grinders and milk frothers – or the new generation of portable espresso devices, such as the Wacaco Picopresso, £129, from Borough Kitchen. ‘Whatever equipment you use, beans need to be fresh and freshly roasted and ground (on the appropriate setting for your coffee kit) for the best coffee,’ says Justin. Water temperature should be almost boiling, at 90-95 degrees.

Built-in VS Freestanding coffee machines

‘Freestanding coffee machines are smaller and so have smaller water and bean containers than built-in machines,’ explains Sophie Lane, product training manager, Miele GB. ‘For example, our smallest freestanding coffee machines have 1.3ltr water containers versus 2.7ltr in the built-in models, so naturally the built-in appliances can make more drinks without refills.’ Some built-in models have a plumbed-in water connection, some have automatic cleaning and descaling functions and most will offer more drink selections in the menu than freestanding designs. ‘A countertop coffee machine offers flexibility as it can be moved around the kitchen with ease or if you move house and requires no costly installation, just a spare plug socket,’ says Dualit marketing manager Debbie McIvor-Main. ‘It is also a more affordable option compared to a built-in model, but can still offer the same level of quality’.

Freestanding Nespresso coffee machine in our Bailgate Showroom breakfast pantry. Take a look at more on our Bailgate showroom here

Built in Miele coffee machine pictured in above our Burton project breakfast pantry. Pictured below in our Savoy project cocktail making pantry.

How to incorporate a built-in coffee machine into your kitchen

‘For a streamlined look, a coffee machine built-in at eye level as part of a bank of appliances in your kitchen cabinetry may be the best choice,’ explains Neil Norton, managing director of Neil Norton Design. The height of most built-in coffee machines is 45cm. ‘With a warming drawer below, they are designed to ‘match’ the 60cm height of a built-in single oven, to create a symmetrical look,’ he explains.

Pictured above and below, our Kingsmead breakfast station with integrated Gaggenau appliances, mini Zip hot tap and sink

Keep it all together

It makes sense to design a place in your kitchen with everything you need for your coffee routine in one place. ‘The best place is hidden in a kitchen dresser or cupboard, so that once the coffee is prepared, you can close the doors, concealing all the clutter until it is time to tidy up,’ explains Tom Howley, design director at Tom Howley. ‘We recommend at least a 900mm wide cupboard for a freestanding coffee  machine with a small preparation area adjacent, while, for built in coffee machines, the main consideration is the depth of the unit – they require a minimum of a 600mm depth.

Article by Amelia Thorpe, Journalist 



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