How long does a bespoke kitchen take to design, manufacture and install?

8 August 2023How long does a bespoke kitchen take to design, manufacture and install?

A bespoke kitchen is crafted to the highest quality standards and is entirely tailor-made. With improved quality, complex designs, and customised features, our kitchens take significantly longer to design, manufacture, and install than mass produced kitchens.

From your initial consultation to the final kitchen handover, projects take approximately 6 months. However, this can be longer on larger and more complex projects. Your designer will be able to give you an estimated timeframe at your first consultation based on our availability.

However, there are many different factors that can influence the timeline of a build. Below, we’ve outlined a few things to consider when establishing how long it will take for everything to be completed.

Reserving your space

We will never cut corners or rush through any part of our design or installation process. Creative designs take time, and our team refuse to compromise on quality simply to shave a few weeks off the delivery date. It just isn’t how we do things at Krantz.

If you’re interested in working with us, be sure to engage with us in plenty of time. If our schedule is fully booked, you may have to join our waiting list.

We typically arrange a consultation and a Showroom tour following your initial enquiry, and we’ll schedule a site visit for 2 to 3 weeks later.


Getting started on your bespoke kitchen designs

Once measurements have been taken and we’ve gained a thorough understanding of your preferences and your wishlist, our team can get to work on creating plans.

Depending on our designers’ availability, it takes around 4 to 5 weeks for our team to produce your preliminary designs. During this time, we’ll carry out extensive research. The entire team will be involved in the brainstorming process, and our Managing Director will scrutinise every aspect of the design as well at our weekly design brainstorm session.

This phase involves careful planning, conceptualisation, and collaboration. The more information you give us the better. We’ll then be able to develop designs that align with your needs and wants. Clear communication is essential in ensuring that the final design meets (and exceeds) your expectations.

Once you’ve agreed to our Design Service Terms and Conditions, we’ll invite you to a private design presentation at our Bailgate Showroom. Revisions and adjustments will be made based on your feedback, and once you’re happy with your designs and a deposit has been paid, Phase 1 of the Pre-Manufacture process can commence.

Phase 1: Pre-Manufacture

During this phase, our team will take some final on-site measurements and create comprehensive CAD drawings of every aspect of your kitchen. We’ll then have a meeting with you to discuss these drawings, and any necessary design tweaks will then be made. The number of revisions required can influence the amount of time it takes to fully sign off on your designs, but we’d rather take the time to make sure you love your designs before we get started on manufacturing.

Our pre-manufacturing processes are explained below:

1. Final site survey to obtain finished dimensions

In cases where this is not possible due to the build schedule, in order to progress to the next step we would ask the client and contractor to agree and sign off on finished room dimensions.

Step 5 will also commence following the final measure

2. Agree Appliance Specification

We request the customer approves the appliance specification as soon as possible following deposit on the project so that they are ordered with plenty of time to spare & appliance details can be included on the below drawing packages

3. M&E Drawing Package

Comprehensive layout plans showing all service positions and lighting specifications are produced by your designer and issued to contractors. This includes any structural plans to show stud work where applicable.

4. Site Visit with Contractors

The project manager will arrange a site visit to complete a full handover with all contractors involved in the project, and the clients.

5. Detailed Technical Drawings

At this stage we introduce our CAD department to the project who work closely with our designers. A full drawing package is produced for the customer to review all cabinet elevations, details and internals prior to manufacture

6. Sign Off Appointment

A final appointment will be arranged with the customers to agree all the final fixtures and finishes for the project (samples will be provided for all specified materials). A signature will be requested on all drawings at the ‘design freeze’ and once  obtained, this will be the trigger for the next phase to commence in our production.

7. Final Scheduling

Production drawings and cutting lists will be collated in preparation for our machinists to commence work on your new bespoke furniture!

Phase 1 generally takes around 4-6 weeks minimum to complete.  Delays to the  confirmation of dimensions and design approval will inevitably stall the progress of the project and in some cases a new production slot will be re-allocated.

Phase 2: Manufacture

Phase 2 begins with the manufacture of your cabinetry, and from this point we would require a minimum of 10 weeks to assemble your kitchen ready to be delivered to your home for installation. Our production schedule is divided into the following stages:

1. Machining of all Timber

This section of the manufacturing phase involves our skilled machinists planing down all raw timber and cutting down to required sizes prior to assembly

2. Component Assembly

Our cabinet makers will then move onto the assembly of our tulipwood frames, solid wood drawerboxes, 5 piece doors, carcasses, bespoke specials and furniture

3. Cabinet Assembly

The assembled components are then put together to form completed cabinets ready for checking, including all door accessories, ironmongery and any bespoke internals. Quality control takes place by our production manager and project manager.

4. Painting

Cabinetry is then disassembled and taken into our dedicated spray booth for lacquering and painting. Two layers of primer are applied all doors and frames (furniture is sanded in between) prior to a further two coats of the final colour. The paint is then baked and cured in our temperature controlled booth. Please note: A final coat of paint will be applied by hand on site at the last stage of installation.

5. Final Assembly

All components are completely re-assembled by our cabinet makers to create the finished product

6. Quality Control Check

The furniture is then meticulously checked by our workshop supervisor, production and project managers.

7. Storage

All furniture is moved into our storage warehouse, blanket wrapped through a final check where is it stored until required on site.

8. Delivery

The furniture will then be scheduled for a two-person delivery to the house. Please note, some bigger projects often take 2-4 deliveries due to the scale and size of the joinery and projects.

Cabinetry is hand-crafted at our workshop in Lincoln, but we also work with a network of trusted specialists, such as stonemasons and specialist engineers, who manufacture other attributes of your kitchen.

Certain materials may be harder to source or may have longer lead times than others, and this can affect the timeline of your project.

The complexity of the design also affects the manufacturing process, as intricate designs take more time to produce. A build that involves cabinetry alone will take much less time than a project that includes multiple personalised attributes.

Phase 3: Installation

Installation generally takes 3 to 6 weeks depending on the size of the kitchen, however can be in excess of 10 weeks for multi-room projects. We would expect all site preparation to be completed prior to the cabinet delivery. This includes things such as all demolition and building works, 1st fix plumbing and electrical work, plastering, mis coat decoration and tiling. We would always suggest running the flooring through the full floor plan and paint all walls, even when hidden by our cabinetry to future proof the space.  Once the site has been prepared, our team will conduct comprehensive pre-installation checks to ensure everything is in order.

Your bespoke kitchen’s components are then delivered to your home, and our talented installers begin to bring your kitchen to life. Cabinets, countertops, appliances, and fixtures are all fitted with the utmost precision.

Our installation schedule is divided into the following stages:

1. Delivery to Site

Our delivery team will lay floor coverings down in all spaces and all furniture, appliances and project components will be delivered to the house prior to installation.

2. Setting Out

At the start of the project the project manager and installers will start by setting out the joinery and discuss any intricate fitting details

3. Stage 1 Cabinet Installation

We prioritise the installation of all low-level joinery (island and base cabinets) at this stage to ensure we prepare for the stonemasons to template all worktops

4. Worktop Template

Your project manager will meet with the stonemasons on site to check off and approve all templates. We will always advise the client to be present on this day to discuss any final details prior to worktop manufacturing

5. Worktop Manufacture

We will require a minimum of 7 working days for the manufacture of your stone.

6. Worktop Installation

This is where the magic happens! All systems go at this stage and the project really starts to take shape.

7. Stage 2 Cabinet Installation

Any final joinery is now installed (countertop cabinets and bespoke items)

8. 2nd Fix Plumbing & Electrical Works

Sinks, taps and appliances are all connected and tested, along with all the low voltage, task and feature lighting

9. Snagging

Your project manager will walk through the site and obtain a full snag list to ensure the highest quality of finish. An additional week may be required to action any final joinery work

10. Cabinet Commissioning & Final Hand-painting

Our hand-painting team will apply the final coat of paint to your finished cabinetry on site.

11. Final Sign Off & Client Handover

The project manager will complete a final check of the project and a full handover will be completed with the client.

Timeframe Contingencies

Our team will provide you with regular updates on progress. While every effort is made to adhere to the estimated timeline, it’s important to acknowledge that delays can occur due to unforeseen circumstances. The nature and complexity of installing a bespoke kitchen means it’s almost never a straight forward fit! Whilst we do our best to estimate the timescales as closely and accurately as possible, some intricate details take longer to execute than we initially anticipate.

We will work in close communication with your builder to ensure a smooth transition to the installation, however appreciate that there are many factors that influence your builders timeframe, such as weather and material availability. Where this affects our delivery date, we will be flexible in providing storage facilities for your furniture, however expect an understanding that the estimated completion date may be impacted due to these early delays. These events are unlikely, but to minimize the impact of potential delays we recommend factoring in a buffer when you consider your project timeline.

Our team will ensure that every client understands the timeline of each individual phase of their project, from the initial design to the final touches. In this way, we manage expectations and ensure customer satisfaction. There’s a lot that goes into a Krantz kitchen, and with so many variables to consider there are multiple attributes that can impact a project delivery date and timeline.

Fortunately, we have the experience and the insight to be able to predict delivery dates with high degrees of accuracy. Once you’ve approved your plans with your kitchen designer, they will be able to give you a realistic timeline and an estimated delivery date that you can start looking forward to.

Embarking on the journey of creating a bespoke kitchen is an investment of time and effort, but the end result is a one-of-a-kind space that is an asset to your home for years to come. Our team will work with you every step of the way to ensure every stage of the project is carried out smoothly and efficiently. If you have any questions at all, our team are on hand and ready to help. Get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Read more about what to expect throughout every stage of our design process here.


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