How much does a bespoke kitchen cost?

27 June 2023How much does a bespoke kitchen cost?

Everyone thinks it, but nobody wants to ask.

There’s always been a real stigma around the topic of money. We shouldn’t discuss salaries at work, talking about finances in social settings is tacky, and we’re scared of appearing cheap if we want to ask the cost of something.

We all know that more often than not you get what you pay for, and high-end interior design can come with a large price tag. But how often do you buy a bespoke kitchen? It’s not an everyday occurrence. For this reason, many of our clients come to us with absolutely no idea what to expect, and they don’t want to make money the first question.

It’s important to discuss your budget with your kitchen designer as it dictates the scope of the project. With this in mind, we ensure all our prospective clients come to a consultation fully equipped with all the relevant insights they need to make more informed decisions.

We’re here to tackle the topic of money and reveal what you can expect to pay for your bespoke kitchen.

How much should I expect to pay for a luxury kitchen?

There are no standard packages when it comes to creating a bespoke design for any space. However, most clients of Krantz Designs tend to invest around £75,000 to £150,000+VAT. This includes everything from the initial design and consultation phase, right through to manufacturing, installation, project management, and finishing touches.

Unlike most suppliers of pre-made kitchens, bespoke kitchen brands don’t cut corners to reduce costs. From the little details included in your initial design concept, to the handles on your cabinet doors, each component is selected purposefully and installed with the utmost precision. Our team take pride in their work, and we’re unwilling to compromise on the quality of our designs or services in any way.

Aside from the discernible difference in the quality and finish of a bespoke kitchen, client hospitality is another factor that separates bespoke kitchen designers from more budget-friendly kitchen fit-out options. Krantz, however, elevates client hospitality to a whole new level. Clients should expect exceptional attention to detail, customer service that goes above and beyond, and a long-lasting after-sale relationship, alongside the kitchen itself.

The Krantz difference

From the attentiveness of our project management team to the impeccable care that our installers show throughout the fitting processes, the team at Krantz are constantly pushing the boundaries of what we consider to be our highest standard.

Our project managers oversee every aspect of your project for you, including the fitting and installation process. They leverage their experience and knowledge to ensure that every part of your kitchen is remarkable.

All of our kitchens come with a ten-year warranty and a lifetime guarantee, along with exceptional after-sales service. Our client relationship doesn’t end after the final tour of the kitchen. We value our customers, and we check in often to ensure they’re completely satisfied with our build.

Our kitchens are built to withstand even the most rigorous daily use, but sometimes accidents happen. Perhaps your new puppy has chewed one of your table legs. Maybe you’ve dropped a pan and dinted your worktops. Our after-sales team are on hand to quickly make repairs when needed, so you’ll never have to worry about patching things up.

What factors affect the cost of a bespoke kitchen?

A bespoke kitchen is custom-made and designed to your exact specifications, and so your individual requirements will determine whether your kitchen is a five figure or six figure investment.

Our talented designers work closely with clients and are fully transparent on the costs associated with every aspect of the design. Some factors affect pricing more significantly than others:

1. Size and Layout:

The size and layout of your kitchen will significantly impact its cost. A larger kitchen will inevitably require more materials in terms of cabinets, flooring, and worktops; and kitchens with more complex layouts, such as those with breakfast bars and custom features, take much longer to design and manufacture. Larger scale projects are more labour intensive. The bigger the brief, the more time and effort is needed to make it a reality. Fitting larger kitchens requires more labour across every stage of the project, increasing the overall price.

2. Materials:

From our solid timber frames to our dove-tailed drawer boxes, every material used is selected with quality, durability, and aesthetics in mind. Some of these materials, however, are more costly than others. American walnut or European oak, for instance, will cost slightly more. Your designer will walk you through the qualities of each option and will help you to select the most appropriate materials with price in mind.

3. Appliances:

It goes without saying that high-end appliances will increase the overall cost of your kitchen. Integrating these appliances into the fit of the kitchen can also affect the price, depending on the degree of craftmanship required to incorporate them into your space.

4. Design and detailing:

Intricate details such as custom engravings or unique storage solutions will add to the overall price of your kitchen. You might want intricately carved details, a barista worktop coffee counter, hand-painted tiles, a fully equipped wine bar, etc. A bespoke designer can cater to all of your kitchen needs – no matter how niche.

When it comes to designing your perfect kitchen, there are no limits. This means that the potential price tag can, in theory, be limitless as well. It’s therefore crucial to have a clear budget in mind before the project begins. It’s easy to be swept away with the endless possibilities, but the extra add-ons can add up quite quickly.

Is a bespoke kitchen the right investment for you?

Many of our clients will invest in their kitchen space to express their personal style and add a touch of luxury to their property. The kitchen is the heart of the home, and our customers want to ensure that they make the most of the time they spend there.

A bespoke kitchen is an investment. But unlike a car or a piece of furniture, you can’t take it with you if you relocate.

Some of our clients choose to upgrade their home with a bespoke kitchen with the long-term goal of adding value to their property. Luxury kitchens deliver a ‘wow’ factor that standard kitchens lack, and elevating your kitchen space can be a worthwhile investment that pays off exponentially if you decide to sell your property.

How much does a Krantz kitchen cost?

How long is a piece of string? Our designers and our in-house manufacturers are unfathomably talented and can cater to even the most unique kitchen requirements. Most clients invest around £75,000 to £150,000, but Krantz has worked on projects spanning multiple rooms throughout the whole house, and some of these have been priced in excess of £600,000.

There are so many factors to consider when it comes to creating your dream kitchen, and our team operate with complete transparency to ensure you’re happy with your financial investment as well as the finished product.

If you have any questions at all, we’re only a call away!

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