Introducing Fulham: Q&A with our Creative Director & Client

4 December 2023Introducing Fulham: Q&A with our Creative Director & Client

Our Fulham Project was completed in April 2023. The striking colour palette, bespoke details, and showstopping features of this Krantz kitchen really make it stand out in our portfolio. Today we’re taking a look behind the scenes to discuss our lead designer’s influences and see how these choices have impacted our clients’ lives now that their kitchen is complete.

Maria Constantinou has been part of the Krantz family for almost 8 years now. Maria initially began her design journey with a focus on architecture. She completed her degree at Northumbria University and secured an architecture role soon after. However, Maria quickly realised that her true passion was in creating beautiful interiors that transform people’s home lives, rather than in designing exterior building plans.

She applied for a role as a Junior Designer in 2015 and, since then, she has worked her way through the ranks to Senior Designer, Senior Design Manager, Partner, and now Creative Director. Having managed well over one hundred bespoke Krantz Designs from conception to completion, she is knowledgeable on every aspect of a Krantz kitchen.

Maria’s architectural background is evident in her approach to every new design brief, and the Fulham project was no exception. Through clever use of zoning, Maria was able to create a layout that facilitated a practical flow, allowing the clients to make the most of their space by allocating certain areas for specific activities.

We asked Maria for some insights on her approach, and we then followed up with Katy and John – our Fulham project clients – to see how these choices have impacted how they use their new kitchen.

Our Designers’ Process

When starting a new project, what’s the first thing you focus on?

My first consideration is always how the space is going to be used. Many designers focus on aesthetics, materials, and colour palettes, but I begin by thinking about how my clients will move through their kitchen, whether they’ll use certain areas for certain activities, and what those activities might be. Once I’ve created the perfect layout, I’ll start on establishing the key aesthetic features.

How closely do you work with your clients?

For the Fulham project in particular, my close relationship with Katy and John really helped to take the kitchen from excellent to spectacular. The more I got to know them, the more I could tailor their designs for their particular use.

I felt like every time we spoke, I learned something new about their lifestyles or their preferences. This always prompted a follow up call with me pitching a new idea on how we could make the kitchen even more bespoke to them.

They love visiting speakeasys, and we had been talking about one of the bars they had visited. That brief conversation set the ball rolling for a completely bespoke home ‘speakeasy’, cleverly concealed within a tall cabinet.

What was your biggest challenge when creating this design?

Katy and John’s house was full of character, but with extra character comes additional challenges. We had support beams to conceal and pillars to consider. One pillar in particular had the potential to interrupt the flow of movement throughout the space.

However, by incorporating the pillars and beams into the designs, we managed to make them features rather than problems. They now contribute to the kitchen’s aesthetics without hindering

What is your favourite element of this design?

I love the stunning mural wall coverings near the banquette seating area. The contrast of the seat colour against the detailed black and white print really stands out and creates an interesting focal point.

How has your approach to design changed since working at Krantz?

I used to approach kitchen design from an aesthetic perspective, as I believed we were adding something beautiful to our clients’ homes. However, as the brand has grown and I’ve worked with more clients, I now see that we give people a new lifestyle, rather than just something that’s visually stunning. This was especially the case for Katy and John with the Fulham project.

What our clients had to say

Our dream… From the moment we agreed to work with Krantz on our kitchen we knew we had made the right choice. Not only do you get the quality and workmanship above anything we had ever seen before, you get support, advice and a start to finish managed project which is so personal in its support. Maria and her team delivered above and beyond what was promised, we felt we had our own interior design team at some points through the project, advising on lighting, colours, fittings etc. We now have our dream kitchen, with the space to entertain and the sanctuary to relax in after a busy day at work.

Katy & John

What was it like working with Krantz Designs?

Krantz went above and beyond our expectations in every way – which is really saying something as our expectations were very high!

Maria took the “bespoke” aspect of our kitchen to the next level, and the thoughtful details she incorporated have really made sure that the kitchen is entirely tailored to our personal use. That level of insight can’t be accomplished without really getting to know someone, and working closely with Maria meant that many personal details could be added.

Has your Krantz kitchen changed the way you use your space?

It’s not only changed how we use our kitchen, but our entire home.

We had initially decided to get a Krantz kitchen to improve the time we spend cooking and entertaining. However, the project has been finished for several months now and we’ve found that we now also use the kitchen as a place to relax.

We both work seasonal jobs from March to October, meaning that during this time we have hardly any days off. When we came home from work, we both head straight to the kitchen.

There’s something about the light, the colours, the calmness, and the quality of everything in the room that just exudes serenity and makes us both switch off from work and really enjoy being at home. The lounge has become somewhat neglected!

What’s your favourite thing about your kitchen?

Aside from the sense of calm it has brought to our downtime, the speakeasy bar is one of our favourite features. We love speakeasys and using the bar feels like a real indulgence. It’s a hit with guests, and we receive so many compliments when people visit.

What advice would you give to others who are considering working with Krantz?

Involve them as early on in the planning stages as possible.

We were having a kitchen extension built. We approached Krantz quite early in the process and we’re so glad we did! They were able to liaise directly with our builders, so we could leverage their expertise even further to make changes to improve our building plans.

These alterations would have been impossible if we had waited until after the works had been completed before involving Krantz.

We can’t thank Krantz enough for their work. The difference this kitchen has made to our lives is incredible, and we recommend them to everyone.

The impact that the Fulham project has had on Katy and John’s life is a real testament to the transformative impact that interior design can have on people’s lives. This is why we do what we do.

To see more examples of our design styles and read about other projects, head to our portfolio page or follow us on Instagram at @krantzdesigns.

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