Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

30 March 2020Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

Sometimes, it is the smallest things can have the greatest effect. When choosing kitchen cabinet hardware, we can forget about their importance in the home. Being one of the highest traffic areas in the kitchen, we constantly communicate with handles, taps, latches and more. This requires the perfect material and finish for the highest quality product – here at Krantz Designs, we work closely with Armac Martin to supply luxury solid brass hardware for our kitchens. The beauty of the product is that it is available in a variety of styles and bespoke finishes, making it adaptable for any scheme.

The traditional cup handle is always an attractive and functional favourite for any classic shaker kitchen, and why not give your kitchen a touch of elegance by introducing chrome to the scheme. This polished finish brightens dark cabinetry, and will beautifully compliment a mirrored splashback.

Antique Brass

If you have been following the trends over the last two years, however, you will have seen a massive takeover of antique brass as the first choice for kitchen hardware. Pair with dark coloured cabinets for a statement look that is both on-trend and timeless. There is a real authentic beauty to a hand-finished aged brass handle, and if you opt for a ‘living’ un-laquered finish, your handles will even naturally oxidise and darken over time.

There are so many options now too to co-ordinate your taps, sockets & switches to your scheme.

The Quooker Classic Fusion Square in a bespoke powder-coated finish
Perrin & Rowe Ionian bridge tap with pull-out rinse in their Satin Brass finish


With so many collections out there, it is important that your handle choice compliments the style of your kitchen. The Cotswold collection offers a unique range of handles and knobs perfect for a traditional, country farmhouse aesthetic – we think this delicate little cupboard catch would sit perfectly under a large belfast sink! – whereas the Leebank/Sparkbrook bar handles feature an intricate reeded/knurled detailing that lends itself to a more contemporary style.

cabinet hardware


Armac Martin’s latest MIX Collection offers a new level of customisation, with endless opportunities to mix and match materials and finishes. Here, we can customise our classic favourites such as the Sparkbrook and Kingsheath bar handles, by selecting a contrasting coloured back plate for a super contemporary, industrial style aesthetic.

If you wanted to take it just one step further and add a more personal touch to your cabinet hardware, we also provide a truly bespoke design service where this is possible. Working with Philip Watts Design, we have previously cast bespoke handles such as champagne cork knobs from the clients favourite bottle, or these statement feather pulls to add that extra unique touch to your home.

kitchen cabinet hardware

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