Krantz Comforts for your Furry Friend: Introducing the Woof Station

11 September 2023Krantz Comforts for your Furry Friend: Introducing the Woof Station

At Krantz Designs, we regularly welcome four-legged visitors to our Bailgate Showroom. Dogs of all sizes are free to accompany their human companions to client meetings. Our team love to meet them!

Hunter, the family dog settled into his bespoke Krantz Designs dog bed station. View more on our Lincoln Bootroom project here 

Pets are a part of the family, and we want to make sure that everyone in your household benefits from your bespoke Krantz kitchen. With this in mind, we’ve created the Woof Station – a dedicated space specifically reserved for your dog and all of his or her belongings.

What is a Woof Station?

Here in our showroom, we debuted our first ever Woof Station. A Woof Station consists of fitted bespoke cabinetry designed to store all the essentials for your dog. Everyone in your family has a bedroom and their own designated space. Why not give your dog the same privilege?

The dog bed in the middle of the station provides a cosy little nook for your furry pal to have a snooze. We can tailor the size of the bed to the size of your dog. We can even create smaller versions for cats! The station has a pull-out water bowl feature, with a tap that pours directly into the dishes. The bowl drawer can be discreetly tucked away into the skirting boards to avoid trips and splashes when visitors come over.

The larger drawers within the station have built in rods, specifically designed to store poo bags, cleaning supplies, leads, and collars. We’ve also designed a cupboard door with a hinge at the bottom for you to store dog biscuits in, allowing you to scoop the biscuits straight into the bowl.

Visit the Krantz Designs Instagram to see some of our recent Woof Station visitors! View our latest dog reel here, when Bailey of the Bailgate discovered the Woof Station for the first time and click this link to see what happened when Rosie had lots of fun roaming our customer showroom!

Why invest in a Woof Station?

The family dog deserves a designer den, and this feature can be easily integrated into any design. Whether it’s an under-the-counter nook for a small breed, or a larger stand-alone bed for bigger dogs, your pet will appreciate having their own space and you’ll enjoy having all of your pet paraphernalia neatly tidied away into its own designated area.

We recommend merging these stations into your boot room or utility room designs, but you could easily add a Woof Station to a large kitchen too. Speak to your designer and they’ll walk you through all the options, and feel free to bring your furry friend with you so we can formally introduce ourselves to them!

We have collated some of our favourite dog shots in our kitchens:

Noah in our Kingsmead kitchen – View more on this project here

Carson in our Kingsmead bootroom – View more on this project here 

Tikka in our Eastgate kitchen – View more on this project here

Tula & Tyla in our Winchester kitchen – View more on the project here

For more information on Woof Stations and how you can incorporate these into your designs, please feel free to enquire with one of our designers and for a full showroom tour appointment, contact us here. We look forward to welcoming you and your pup – We have the treats ready!

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