Monthly Feature with Vic Covell – Playing Restaurants

19 June 2020Monthly Feature with Vic Covell – Playing Restaurants

It’s been a really strange few months, life has been placed on pause for most, whilst others have been working harder than ever to provide food, care and services needed to keep the country going. I’ve been in the first camp, where life has had to pause… where I’ve been used to going here there and everywhere, seeing different people and places, day to day life shrank to a small house shaped bubble.

I have spent a lot, and I mean A LOT of time sat at the kitchen table this lockdown…. Eating and playing more Uno than is probably healthy (my mental arithmetic has improved). It’s the heart of the home, and when you can’t go anywhere, why not pretend you’re at your new favourite restaurant, and give the kitchen table a little makeover!

Krantz Designs: Shoreditch Project

So, tips for styling the perfect dining table…


Step 1: Pick a palette

Like designing a room, decide what your palette is before you start. Is it monochromatic? Will it have an accent colour? Editing your palette will create harmony.

For inspiration, perhaps you have an artwork in the space, select some colours from it to use as your starting point. You know the colours work together in the artwork… so they will work on a table. Look at vases or crockery you already have and love, and use this as a starting point. Here are a few of my favourite picks at the moment…

Ceramics – Rachael Cocker at The New Craftsman
Floral – Stephen Meisel for Loewe
Art – Matisse

The key is that whatever you choose as inspiration for colour and texture, DO NOT VEER from these colours. It may be tempting…. but an edited palette is a successful one.


Step 2: Select a style

What is your personal style? Do you prefer things to be timeless and Classic, laid back sandi charm or perhaps you like mixing old and new in an eclectic party of styles? It’s important that the style of your table works with your existing interiors, and very important to acknowledge what your own style is, rather than following trends too much. (How to work out what your style is article to follow..!)


Kitchen by Matilda Goad


V C Interiors project


Krantz Designs – Cotswold Porject

Step 3: Styling like a pro

You have your palette, and you know what style you’re aiming for. The following tips are absolutely key for creating the best dining table EVER.


You need to vary your textures and finishes for visual interest. It’s important to balance smooth with textured surfaces or plain with patterned, hard reflective surfaces with soft fabrics. Large soft petals, or harder structural branches. Aim for a balance of hard shiny cutlery and glass, with soft linen napkins, or raffia placemats. Look at different textured ceramic finishes for plates.  Have you ever thought about commissioning your own dinner plates? V C Interiors works with talented ceramicists, like London-based Melisa Dora, who can create your own one of a kind crockery.

Image by: Melisa Dora


Light your table – either with candles or perhaps cordless lamps or lanterns.

Image by: Fiona Leahy


When placing objects down the centre of your table, work in odd numbers, 1 vase with a floral arrangement, or 3 pots, or 5 small stem vases etc…

Image by: Laura Jackson


Vary the scale of objects down the centre of the table to create interest. For example, you could use wide low pots with plants or herbs in them combined with taller slimmer candles. Or a mix of tall and short flowers or foliage arrangements.

Image by: Worm London


Just like getting dressed…. Layering on a table looks great. Layer table cloth/runner, placemat, charge plate with napkin below actual plate or bowl.

Alexander Edwards for Susie Atkinson


Chairs or banquettes like getting dolled up too. Try a cushion on your chairs or benches. Or if eating outside, throw a blanket over the back of each chair.

Image by: Les Complices Design

To get you inspired…

As the world around us is in full bloom, I thought I would put together a few table design schemes based on some different flora and fauna to inspire you…

Have a go…

So, have a go at styling your dining table, make your partner dress up like a waiter, order a takeaway from one of the many excellent takeaway options Kine, Elite Fish and Chips, Castle View Indian or Portico Café Pizza (all of which I can highly recommend…) and pretend that you’re sat in one of your favourite pubs or restaurants, a reality which is hopefully just around the bend…

For any advice or further information on the products shown here, please do get in touch with Victoria Covell Interiors via [email protected].


Happy styling!

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