Not Just Kitchens: The Krantz Approach to Whole-Home Renovations

16 April 2024Not Just Kitchens: The Krantz Approach to Whole-Home Renovations

At Krantz Designs, we’re renowned for our exquisite kitchen designs. However, our expertise and passion extend far beyond the culinary heart of the home.

Krantz adopts a holistic approach to design. Whether you’re building a home or upgrading your decor, our designers are on hand to transform living spaces into bespoke masterpieces.

From boot rooms to bedrooms, our portfolio is a testament to our versatility. Today, we’re taking a look at some of our favourite design features outside of the kitchen.

Kitchen Add-Ons: Bespoke Boot Rooms and Pantries

While we don’t work on boot rooms or pantries as stand-alone projects, we often design these spaces as part of larger kitchen renovation briefs.

Pantries complement your kitchen and allow you to keep your culinary essentials organised and accessible without cluttering up your kitchen worktops. Some of our favourite projects incorporate hidden pantry doors embedded into cabinetry, creating a secret enclave to tuck away kitchen gadgets, dry foods, tins, baking ingredients, and anything else you can think of. Our designers are connoisseurs of organisation and will ensure everything has a home.

Want some inspiration? Take a look at some of our previous projects:

A sink in a bootroom with gold taps

See more on our Lincoln Boot Room here. 

Utility layout in the Krantz Designs Belford kitchen

See more on our Belford Boot Room and Utility here. 

Our boot rooms are more than just a place to kick off your shoes. In a bustling home, a boot room must offer efficient storage solutions without sacrificing style. It needs to be easy to clean, clearly organised and, most importantly, it must be welcoming. Our designs combine practicality with elegance, making every entrance a warm welcome home.

A dark green bootroom with storage, coat hooks, and bench.

See more on our Cambridge Boot Room here. 

A Krantz Designs bespoke bootroom with drying rack.

See more on our Huntingdon Boot Room here.

Bespoke Entertainment Spaces

From home bars to cinema rooms, Krantz Designs’ entertainment spaces make a night in feel like a night out.

These rooms bring a new meaning to ‘hostess with the mostest’. We’ve created stunning entertainment rooms with dancefloors, bespoke lighting, high-spec sound systems, and fully stocked bars. We’ve installed cinema-grade movie rooms and immersive TV console units. Whether you’re a party host, a film buff, or an avid gamer, we create entertainment spaces that add a touch of luxury to your experience.

Take a closer look at some of our favourite projects:

Bespoke home bar

See more on our Savoy Project here.

A home cinema room with a popcorn bar.

See more on our Cambridge Home Cinema here.

Bespoke Media Walls

Each Krantz Designs media wall is tailored to the unique dimensions and decor of your room, ensuring a perfect blend of form and function. Whether your media wall serves to frame a high-definition television for avid gamers or movie fans, or whether you’re looking to display your favourite collectables and books, our designers create visually stunning solutions for any specifications.

Bespoke home cinema room in navy blue.

See more on our Kingsmead Cinema Room here.

Dark and modern media wall.

See more on our Stockholm Media Wall here.

Krantz Wine Displays

Take your evening glass of wine to new heights of sophistication. Our wine walls are for true aficionados and would-be sommeliers, crafted to preserve and showcase your wine collection. Our wine displays turn your once-basic wine rack into a focal point of your home.

A wine wall in a room with high ceilings

See more on our Chelsea Wine Display here.

A plumb coloured kitchen with a wine wall display and exposed beams.

See more on our Alderley Edge Kitchen and Wine Display here.

Bespoke Studies and Home Libraries

Custom shelving, strategic lighting, and thoughtful layouts create inspiring environments for working and reading. Our Berkshire Project client struggled to feel motivated without a designated work area, but our designers have transformed their approach to working from home:

A home study with a library wall.

See more on our Berkshire Study here.

Luxury Bedrooms and Dressing Rooms

A Krantz bedroom is a haven of peace and relaxation. Our bespoke designs focus on serene layouts, custom furniture, and lighting that transforms your bedroom into a restful retreat. We’ve worked on master suites, guest bedrooms, ensuites, walk-in wardrobes, and dressing rooms, all of which help our clients to start their days in the best way.

A luxurious white dressing room with floor to ceiling storage.

See more on our Lincoln Project here.

A bespoke, luxurious bedroom with a large bed and matching bedside tables.

See more on our Beaumont Project here.

Whole House Renovations

For those seeking a comprehensive transformation, our whole house projects offer a seamless redesign experience. We ensure that a cohesive aesthetic flows through every room, crafting spaces that are not only visually stunning but also a true reflection of your personal style.

From architectural planning to interior design and redecorating, Krantz Designs offers a holistic spectrum of services to bring your vision to life. For those with homes that are not yet built, we encourage clients to get in touch with us as early on in the process as possible. This allows our designers to collaborate with contractors throughout the initial planning phase, ensuring the structural elements of your home set the stage for stunning interiors. Our detail orientated interior design approach considers every aspect of your space, from the overall layout to the smallest decorative detail.

The Krantz Difference

We believe in crafting spaces that are deeply personal, reflecting the individual style and functional needs of our clients. This design philosophy is applicable to any room of the house – not just kitchens.

Regardless of what room we’re working on, our team provide innovative solutions, bespoke designs, and a level of craftsmanship that transforms your house into a home you love.

Whether you’re considering a single room makeover or a whole-house renovation, we bring the same level of passion, creativity, and precision to every design brief.

Explore our portfolios for kitchens and other rooms and schedule your consultation today. You may also like to take a look at our other blog for further insights on how much our bespoke designs cost.

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