A warm welcomeThe finishing touches of our Cambridge project

Completing the luxurious expanse of the Cambridge suite, made up of a bespoke kitchencinema room, and entertainment room, is the bootroom. Painted in a calming sage green, the bespoke cabinetry offers a serene place to hang up coats, take off shoes, and make yourself at home.

The cupboards offer ample storage space; each intricately designed to accommodate everything from footwear to scarves, ensuring that the entryway remains clutter free.

Central to the space is a solid oak bench, elegantly framed by the surrounding cabinets. The bench provides additional storage space and serves as a comfortable area for putting on and taking off shoes.

As with every other room in the project suite, the bootroom is a testament to how high-quality materials, custom craftsmanship, and thoughtful design can come together to create a space that is both beautiful and incredibly practical. With a Krantz bootroom, even the most mundane activities can become moments of simple luxury.

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