Redefining the home cinema

As an extension of the Cambridge suite’s luxurious living space, the cinema room transports you into a realm of cinematic grandeur, right within the comfort of your home.

The TV is framed by a striking midnight blue custom wall unit. Gold wall-mounted light fixtures provide subtle back lighting before the movie starts. Above, the star-effect ceiling lights mimic the majesty of the night sky once the lights have dimmed.

Adjacent to this setup, a fully stocked snack bar offers film fanatics all the goodies they need to elevate their movie watching experience. Whether you want freshly popped popcorn, a selection of sweets from the pick-and-mix station, or a glass of wine from the drinks sections and fridges, your cravings are more than catered for.

The blue cabinetry of the snack bar and media display are offset by cream panelling, reflecting the signature colour scheme.

Of course, any cinema experience would be incomplete without a comfortable seating area. Ample sofa space ensures that every seat is the best in the house, inviting you to sink in and fully immerse yourself in the magic of the movies.

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