The Huntingdon Bootroom and PantryFunctional spaces for luxury living

Adjacent to the Huntingdon project’s bespoke kitchen, living, and entertaining space, is a welcoming bootroom and a kitchen pantry. The aged brick flooring and sage green cabinetry provide a seamless transition from the garden to the bootroom. Dark wood accents in the sink base, drying racks, and bench seating area add to the natural colour palette.

Between the boot room and the kitchen is a stunning pantry, with ample storage space and white cabinetry that pre-empts the design of the kitchen. A concertina door conceals appliances and slides away to extend the worktop, minimising clutter.

By incorporating the colour scheme of the kitchen and the panelling of the bootroom into the pantry space, our designers have ensured that the pantry cohesively connects the two rooms’ aesthetics.



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