Planning Your Kitchen Project – Where To Start

22 April 2020Planning Your Kitchen Project – Where To Start

Beginning a project can seem a daunting task, especially one that is going to disrupt your home, and potentially alter the way you live. Here at Krantz Designs, we love to take away as much of the stress as possible, however we have put together this guide for anyone struggling to get started.

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When deciding upon the style for the kitchen, often the character of the existing building plays a big role. For example, if you are renovating a period home, then the classic, ornate architecture will lend itself beautifully to traditional shaker-style cabinetry; where an open-plan barn conversion may welcome the simplicity and clean lines of a handleless design.

It is important, though, to stay true to your own personal likes & dislikes. A handmade kitchen will most definitely stand the test of time, so be careful not to be too swayed by the current trends, and create a space that compliments your style.


Re-designing the kitchen space involves you assessing the way in which you live, or want to live, and ensuring relevant zones are created to cater for every occasion. The main zones we always look to incorporate are:

1. Cooking

2. Eating

3. Entertaining

Simple guidelines such as placing the sink opposite the hob, and keeping the distance to the fridge/larder as short as possible, will always ensure a functional food prep zone. Breakfast bar seating is also great way to fuse all three zones together with the central island; giving seats for family or guests to eat or lounge whilst conversing with the cook. Round seating is always more sociable than a side-by-side linear arrangement, which is where the Krantz signature round breakfast bar excels.


When creating your scheme, again it is important to showcase your own personal style. You may choose to borrow particular shades from adjoining rooms, to create a colour continuity flowing through the home; or else see the space as a blank canvas to really let your creativity shine.

Grey is a colour that has really stood the test of time with kitchens. We would always lean towards choosing a shade with warm undertones, such as Farrow & Ball’s “Purbeck Stone”, “Cornforth White” or “Pavilion Grey”. These classic neutrals will really sing in natural light, and will be easily complimented by an accent colour introduced in the soft furnishings.

The dark kitchen trend is one we absolutely love! Opting for a dark cabinet door instantly adds drama and grandeur to the space, and deep greens and navys are great for bringing in a pop of rich colour. Pair with a dark worktop, and a sleek, geometric design for a moody contemporary feel; or a light quartz and brass handles for a timeless, elegant look.


One of our main passions here at Krantz is wood, and we love to introduce accents of exposed timber into our kitchens. The addition of solid wood – to a breakfast bar, or built-in chopping block – instantly adds warmth, and can work beautifully in contrast to a dark cabinet door.

Read about one of the next decisions – Kitchen Cabinet Hardware – or for more help, request your appointment with one of the Krantz designers below.

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