Classic design meets modern innovationA kitchen for the party host

Our Bawtry Project is the epitome of elegance and functionality – a luxury bespoke kitchen that seamlessly fuses modern classism with avant-garde innovation.

The dark green cabinetry, sharply contrasted with a stunning white marble worktop and opulent gold fixtures, conceals an array of cleverly integrated features that cater to our client’s specific needs.

The space operates as a functional family kitchen, but sliding doors reveal a concealed bar, perfect for after-dinner aperitifs and lavish parties. The embedded lighting accents illuminate a wine fridge, a selection of artisanal spirits, cocktail ingredients, and top-of-the-range glassware. Even the pantry is an exercise in exclusivity. Tucked behind a secret door that blends in with the cabinetry, this hidden enclave provides ample space for storage.

Statement gold-edged lighting is reflected in the antique mirror that adorns the feature wall, bringing the aesthetic together and adding a distinguishing touch of grandeur to the kitchen.

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