Relocating & re-imagining the Kitchen Traditional Charm with Contemporary Functionality

The Esher Project serves as a perfect example of Krantz Designs’ ability to blend historical charm with contemporary functionality. Set within a stunning Georgian property, the project involved a comprehensive redesign, including a relocated kitchen, an orangery extension, and an entertainment area.

Dual islands maximize the usability of this grand space, with one island dedicated to cooking and the other serving as a social hub for dining and daily family interactions. Adjacent to the kitchen area, the sitting room has also been considered and re-defined as a designated entertainment space, adorned with a plush seating area and a fully stocked home bar.

The design integrates elements that echo the property’s original features, such as the Georgian windows’ glazing bars reflected in the cabinetry, and the new mantle above the cooker. These thoughtful touches ensure that each modern enhancement feels at home amidst the property’s period character.

Vibrant colours and eclectic motifs, all inspired by our clients’ extensive travels, bring a touch of the contemporary. The finished space exudes luxury and personality – two qualities every Krantz kitchen aims to uphold.

Read more about the Esher Project in our Q&A with Design Manager Jess Sroga, and take a look at the Esher Master Suite that formed part of this home renovation.

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