Sophistication with culinary innovation Understated elegance with practicality

Our Fulham Project is the pinnacle of sophistication and culinary innovation – a luxurious bespoke kitchen that combines understated elegance with practicality.

The ‘Mahogany’ painted cabinets are evocatively offset by contrasting stone coloured walls, and walnut table accents punctuate the space, injecting a layer of warmth and finesse that elevates the aesthetic.

With not one, but four state-of-the-art ovens, this kitchen can accommodate preparation of even the most lavish meals.

The kitchen island is flanked by a gracefully curved seating area that mirrors a rounded cabinet at the other side of the room. These curved features differentiate social spaces from cooking areas, making this kitchen perfect for both avid foodies and regular party hosts.

To take a closer look at our Fulham Project in our Q&A with lead designer Maria Constantinou and our Fulham clients, click here.

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