Choosing the right Quooker tap for your bespoke kitchen

22 January 2021Choosing the right Quooker tap for your bespoke kitchen

Here at Krantz Designs, we love the Quooker boiling water taps; not just for their sleek and effortless styles (making them easily integrated to bespoke kitchens) but for their practical useability making culinary life more convenient. But why choose a Quooker tap? Let’s talk about the benefits and features to help you make the perfect choice of instant hot water tap.

Windermere sink
Quooker Flex (Stainless Steel) | Windermere Project

What are the benefits to a Quooker tap?

Hot water taps are the first step to de-cluttering your kitchen, freeing up valuable worktop space by eliminating the need for a kettle and other hot water appliances. Especially if you are working with compact spaces, it’s an economical way to create space in small kitchens or simply to help achieve a contemporary, minimalistic aesthetic.

Quooker hot water taps have the competitive edge over its counterpart brands. The only brand able to dispense 100 degree water with an active carbon filter to keep the water fresh. Actively reducing the build-up of limescale for better quality water, and it lasts up to 5 years for longer sustainability.

Quooker Classic Fusion Square (Stainless Steel)

Quooker also boast some impressive safety features to safeguard your home:

  1. Insulated buttons and handles which mean they are never hot to the touch.
  2. It never dispenses a solid stream of boiling water minimising the risk of burns
  3. Child safe activation which needs to be double tapped and twisted to activate boiling water
  4. Quooker taps are securely fitted so cannot be knocked over like a traditional kettle could.


The useability of your Quooker hot water tap is more than tea and coffee in an instant. Poach eggs for a quick Eggs Florentine breakfast, steam leafy greens like spinach or kale and speed up your pasta preparation. It’s also perfect for blanching asparagus whilst following last Spring’s delicious recipe post.

Quooker Classic Fusion Round (Nickel)

Will a Quooker instant hot water tap save me money?

To add on top of space saving qualities is the fact that Quooker is the most energy efficient hot water appliance, reducing waste and saving money on your household bills, it’s hard to see how you could live without one. Quooker states that it costs just 3p per day compared to boiling a kettle at 2.5p per time, so if you are partial to several cups of tea each day, it saves in the long run. Now, taps start from £950.00 up to £1890.00 for top specification models, so it’s not likely you will make your money back in a lifetime. So, make sure your motivations for installing an instant hot water tap are also for design and convenience or in a bid to rid your worktops of clutter.

People frequently worry about having water in the tank boiling all day, but Quooker is quick to point out that their patented vacuum insulation thermos technology simply holds water under pressure. So, rest assured it’s not bubbling away under your countertop.

Which Quooker tap is best for me?

You’re spoilt for choice with 6 collections to choose from, their newest addition Flex is the only one with a handy pull out hose, increasing its practicality. The Quooker Fusion Collection houses both Fusion Square and Fusion Round styles to match to the aesthetic of your bespoke design.

Integrating your new Quooker tap into your kitchen is easy, choose from up to 5 finishes (depending on style) polished chrome, stainless steel, black, gold or painted brass. Pair with accessories or door handles of the same finish to pull together a coherent design.

Quooker Classic Fusion Square (Patinated Brass) with pair of Quooker Soap Dispensers | Lincoln I Project
Quooker Flex (Black)

The Quooker boiling water taps have a variety of extras to make your new hot water tap work for you. Choose from 3 different tank sizes dependant on your demand for boiling water, connect the CUBE to add filtered sparkling water into the mix or preserve the longevity of your water taps with optional limescale control units and cold water filters too. All of this makes it possible to tailor your water taps to your lifestyle. Some combinations to consider are:

  1. Two in one tap for boiling and cold water
  2. Three in one tap for boiling, hot and cold water
  3. Four in one tap for boiling, hot, cold and sparkling water


Here at Krantz Designs, it’s the effortless integration of Quooker’s ‘must have’ hot water tap which makes it a designer’s favourite accessory. Fuse modern and traditional with the sleek and unassuming single taps featured in the Quooker Flex, Fusion and Classic Fusion collections by letting it sit unassumingly at the head of your sink. Alternatively select the Nordic Twin taps if you want to showcase your hot water tap at the helm of the kitchen. Make it clear you have something worth showing off.

Quooker Nordic Twin Taps (Chrome)

Ask your Krantz Designers bespoke kitchen designer for their expertise if you want to know how to make Quooker taps a stylistic feature in your kitchen. If you are looking for more inspiration, follow the Krantz Designs Instagram for daily kitchen ideas in your feed.

Need a little more assistance? Book an appointment with our professional and experienced designers to see what could be possible in your kitchen.


Author – Rosie Smith (Clubhouse Creative)


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