Styling Kitchen Shelves With Fika Living

15 June 2021Styling Kitchen Shelves With Fika Living


Open shelving has become increasingly popular in today’s kitchens. It works in so many spaces from modern right through to rustic country kitchens.

Shelves allows you to create a personal touch in the heart of your home by showcasing your most prized pieces. Our key tips for styling would be to stick to a simple colour scheme, whilst layering different materials and textures to create interest.

Lincoln I Project
Entreated kitchen shelves - Belgravia kitchen
Corner Floating Shelving from our Belgravia Project

Be careful though not to get too carried away so you end up making the space feel cluttered! It’s all about trial and error with what sits well where.

Firstly, we would suggest to get out all of your favourite pieces, whether that be glasses, serving bowls, artwork or books. You can then choose the items which sit well together and start building up your shelf. We like to mix old and new to create a more personal look, for example choosing rustic finishes for your styling pieces to contrast with a more contemporary kitchen.

Think about the relationship between adjacent items too – try pairing a small herb pot with a feature reed diffuser to play with height and add elevation to certain areas.

Book stack with Porto Flower Pot and Plant Mister, Fresh Fig Diffuser (Upper Shelf) / Yala Hammered Glassware & Midford Bowl Stack (Lower Shelf)

Books also work very well to create a plinth and help elevate your favourite vase or smaller item. Artwork placed at the back of the shelf also helps bring in a personal touch, along with colour and interest, whilst creating a backdrop for smaller items placed in closer view.

Book Stack with Tamba Tealight Holders
Glass Shelving from our Richmond Project, featuring the Porto Flower Pot

Practical items such as glassware and serve-ware can also look great on a shelf, and we think it’s great to have relevant items on show as well as those purely decorative so your displays make sense in the kitchen space. It’s also so convenient when cooking or serving family and friends to have everything to-hand.

Chopping boards, glass storage jars, and oil/condiment bottles all make perfect choices for kitchen styling. The beautiful Ithaca range of serveware is definitely a favourite here at Krantz too, with it’s beautifully-imperfect tumbled edges, and features on our main island display in our Bailgate Showroom.

Central Island Display featuring the Ithaca Range

If you haven’t incorporated open shelving within your kitchen design, you can always utilise other areas to display, such as glazed cabinets, or even the mantle shelf above your cooking area.

Vases are a great way to add varying heights and texture, especially if you opt for a handmade rustic ceramic such as these Lisbon Vases below. The subtle patterning in muted shades of grey also tone so beautifully against the warm neutral cabinetry of the kitchen.

Lisbon Vase Large & Lisbon Vase Small

In collaboration with Fika Living 

To see more of their collections, visit their website / instagram @fika_living

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