The Best Accessories for Your Bespoke Kitchen

11 September 2023The Best Accessories for Your Bespoke Kitchen

A bespoke kitchen is more than just custom cabinetry and stunning design aesthetics. Accessories and tailored components are what makes a Krantz kitchen truly one of a kind, and choosing the right accessories are what makes the luxury and efficiency of your space unique to you.

Choosing bespoke kitchen accessories

Your perfect kitchen should optimise every inch of available space and incorporate functional features geared towards your own personal use. Our designers will ask about your cooking habits, your social events, your hobbies and interests, and more. We can then add accessories and design features that make your life easier.

Many of our clients have never had a bespoke kitchen before, and so it can be difficult to fathom the extent of the options available. We’ve put together a few of our most popular design accessories to help cook up some inspiration!

Cutlery Inserts (with Tray Handle Detail)

Organising your cutlery has never been this elegant. Cutlery inserts keep your utensils in place, and the tray itself can be removed from the drawer when you’re setting the table or emptying the dishwasher.

Utensil Inserts

No more cluttered countertops! With designated compartments for each utensil, everything has its own specific place, ensuring easy access and maximum tidiness.

Shot Trays

Hosting a party? Shot trays are a stylish way to present and deliver drinks to your guests.

Tea Towel Holder

Keep your tea towels within reach and your countertops clutter-free with a discreet and convenient tea towel drawer.

Drawer Under the Sink

Gone are the days of shoving odd bottles and cleaning products in the cupboard under the sink and hoping they don’t fall out when you next open it. Maximise your space with a drawer, ensuring cleaning supplies are accessible, yet out of sight.

Kitchen Roll Holder

An essential, yet often overlooked accessory. A strategically placed kitchen roll holder ensures you have paper towels on hand for those inevitable spills.

Tupperware Storage

Keep your Tupperware organised. Our customisable storage solutions mean no more rummaging for matching lids!

Coffee Pod Inserts

One for the caffeine enthusiasts. Get your morning off to the right start with a coffee pod drawer displaying all of your favourite flavours.

Dividers for Baking Trays

Bakers rejoice! With specialised dividers, your baking trays remain are tidy and organised.

Dividers for Pots and Pans

Avoid the noisy clatter of searching for the right pot or pan. Our dividers keep them neatly arranged, so that you can see all of your options and choose the perfect pan for your recipe.

Plate Peg Storage

Swap traditional stacking for peg storage. This method prevents accidental chipping and allows for a more flexible system of organising your dishes.

Key Hooks Inside Cabinets

Concealed hooks inside your cabinets provide a neat solution to keep keys hidden away, yet within easy reach.

Charging Drawers

Modern kitchens need modern solutions. Charging drawers offer a sleek and subtle way for you to charge devices or plug in appliances while keeping countertops free from tangled cables.

Jar Racks

A dedicated rack for your jars ensures that your preserves, pickles, and spices are always in order and easy to find. Tiered racks keep everything visible.

Spice Drawer

For those who love to spice up their dishes, a dedicated seasoning drawer is a game-changer. Keep your pots alphabetically organised, or group them by cuisine.

Internal Drawers

Nested within larger cabinets or drawers, internal drawers are perfect for storing smaller items without them getting lost in the abyss of larger storage spaces.

It’s all in the details. By integrating specific accessories and tailored design features, we make sure that your kitchen reflects your usage patterns and makes life easier.

There really are no limits to the scope of the features our design team can incorporate. If you can think it, we can make it! Reach out to the Krantz team today to book a consultation with one of our designers. We’ll walk you through all the options and will make suggestions based on your aesthetic preferences and functional requirements.

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