The Ultimate Guide to Designing a Home Bar

24 May 2024The Ultimate Guide to Designing a Home Bar

Over the past few years, we’ve seen a notable increase in the number of clients choosing to allocate areas within their home to entertaining. Whether you’re an avid party host or you simply want a sophisticated spot to unwind with a glass of wine, a well-designed home bar can really elevate your living space.

From cocktail cabinets to fully stocked bar setups, here are some important things to consider when designing your entertaining space.

A fully stocked Krantz Designs home bar.

Pictured above: A fully stocked home bar in our Hampshire Project kitchen. See more here.

Design and Aesthetics

Do you want a classic speakeasy, a traditional pub, or a luxury cocktail bar?  The foundation of any luxury home bar starts with its design aesthetic.

Consider your colour scheme. Neutral tones with bold accents can give your bar timeless elegance, while more vibrant hues might offer a more playful atmosphere. Lighting plays a crucial role too. We recommend soft, adjustable lighting to set the mood, with precision lighting in task areas. See our Lighting Blog for more ideas.

High-End Appliances and Features

Functionality is key when designing your home bar. A bar isn’t solely a countertop and some stools – it needs to be purpose built to serve delicious drinks.

Incorporating high-end appliances like wine fridges, sleek ice makers, and professional-grade blenders can take your home bar to the next level. Built-in sinks or glass washers ensure your bar is clean and inviting, no matter how many guests you have round. And no party would be complete without a quality sound system.

Customisation and Personalisation

The beauty of a luxury home bar lies in its ability to be tailored to your personal taste and requirements. Custom storage solutions can keep your glassware and liquor collection organised and accessible, and features geared towards your own particular use add character. Take a look at our Alderley Edge project, for instance, which was designed for wine enthusiasts!

Adding personal touches, such as monogrammed towels or a bespoke cocktail menu, can make your home bar truly unique. Many of our clients also opt to name their entertaining space. Integrating a theme or a personal story into the design to create a space that is unmistakably yours.

Statement chandelier in front of a wine display wall at our Alderley Edge bespoke kitchen.

Pictured above: A bespoke wine wall in our Alderley Edge kitchen. See more here.

Cocktail Craftsmanship

No luxury home bar is complete without a selection of premium spirits and the tools needed for cocktail craftsmanship. Stock your bar with a variety of ingredients, mixers, and garnishes to cater to all tastes. The goal is to ensure you’re equipped to serve any drink, no matter what your guest might ask for.

Storage Solutions

Investing in quality bar tools, such as shakers, strainers, and muddlers, can make cocktail preparation a pleasure, but these components can look disorganised if they’re not factored in during the design process.

Custom shelving and cabinets designed to hold bottles, bar tools, and glassware can keep your bar clutter-free while displaying your collection beautifully. Consider creative solutions like hidden cabinets or pull-out counters to maximise space and functionality.

Take a look at our Hampshire, Wilmslow, and Bawtry projects to see how our designers minimise mess and maximise storage in bar areas.

A Krantz Designs bar, cleverly hidden away behind dark green cabinets.

Pictured above: A concealed bar, hidden away behind dark green cabinetry in our Bawtry Kitchen. See more here.

Make it your own

The beauty of having your own entertaining space is just that – it’s entirely yours. At Krantz Designs, our main priority when creating a bespoke bar commission is to blend personal taste with thoughtful design.

Love wine? Let’s create a custom wine wall. Want to display your gin collection? We can design bespoke shelving. Your bar should be a testament to your taste. By adding personality and character, we help create stunning backdrops for the most lavish parties!

Schedule a consultation with us today or visit our showroom to explore the possibilities.

Krantz Designs home bar and entertainment space.

Pictured above: Our Savoy Project home bar and entertainment space. See more here.


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