Top 10 Upcoming Kitchen Trends for 2024

6 March 2024Top 10 Upcoming Kitchen Trends for 2024

The Krantz Designs team created some showstopping kitchens in 2023 and, with 2024 well underway, our designers are looking forward to working on many more projects.

With new projects comes new choices in interior design. We’ve seen the emergence of some exciting new trends in recent months, and so our team have put together a list of the top 10 that we’re expecting to take off this year.

1. Dramatic worktops and splashbacks

Over the past few years, statement cabinet colours have seen an increase in popularity. However, in recent months, we’ve seen a move towards more schematic cabinet designs paired with dramatic workshops and splashbacks. With this in mind, our designers have been researching new materials and have come up with some truly innovative ideas for our recent clients.

For our Fulham and Barnsdale projects, we incorporated an antique mirror as a feature splashback, accentuated by stunning brass hardware. Our Knightsbridge project and our Bailgate Showroom kitchen made a feature of beautifully patterned slabs of marble and porcelain.

These features turn a typically blank kitchen space, which generally blends into the background, into a work of art that adds a touch of luxury and intrigue to the room’s aesthetic.

2. Embracing nature, sustainability, and eco-friendly Materials

Sustainability is no longer just a buzzword, but a principle driving design choices. Aesthetically, we’re seeing a lot of clients try to bring elements of the outdoors inside, and the use of reclaimed wood has therefore increased in popularity post-lockdown.

Natural light, indoor plants, and materials that mimic the outdoors will play a significant role in 2024’s kitchen designs, fostering a connection to the environment that is evident in the design approach chosen.

Aesthetics aside, we’ve observed many of our clients take great pride in the fact that their kitchen timber has been sustainably sourced. Krantz has always championed environmental stewardship. All of our wood comes from sustainable forests, we burn waste wood products for fuel, we never use plastic packaging, and we plant a tree for every kitchen sold. These efforts have been common practice for the Krantz team for many years, but these values resonate with our customers now more than ever.

3. The rise of smart kitchens

Technology continues to weave its way into the kitchen, with smart appliances and systems becoming the norm. From refrigerators that can manage your grocery list to ovens that can be controlled remotely, the integration of smart technology is set to enhance convenience and efficiency in the kitchen. Waste management systems and energy-saving solutions will also play a critical role, reflecting a move towards more intelligent and sustainable living spaces.

Even small-scale integrations, like charging ports in drawers, are becoming more and more popular in the bespoke kitchen industry. These features add a new facet of personalisation for our designers to consider.

4. A move away from Minimalism

While the minimalist trend persists, with many designers focusing on clean lines and simplicity, we’ve also seen a move towards more detailed door styles. Cabinets with raised, beaded profiles are becoming increasingly popular, along with wallpaper, fabric, and metalwork inlays.

We expect simplistic designs to remain popular in the kitchens of 2024, but more intricate and ornate designs are undoubtedly on the rise.

5. Kitchens as multipurpose spaces

The kitchen’s role is expanding to accommodate dining, working, and socialising. The kitchen has always been “the heart of the home”, but designers and customers alike are beginning to realise that this calls for more versatile design solutions, including integrated seating areas, adaptable storage, and furniture that can serve multiple purposes.

An entirely bespoke kitchen allows for freedom in design and complete versatility in purpose. We’ve incorporated coffee stations, living and dining areas, concealed bars, display bars, pop up drinks stations, entertainment centres, and even spaces designated for our furry friends. With bespoke design, a kitchen space can take on as many functions as required.

6. Personalisation at its peak

Customisation is key in creating a kitchen that reflects individual tastes and needs. From unique colour schemes to custom cabinetry and distinctive hardware, homeowners are looking to tailor their spaces to their exact preferences wherever possible.

We’ve seen a rise in the number of clients having home names engraved into feature mantle shelves – see our Lincoln project. On a smaller scale, more and more clients are asking for internal labels engraved into pantry drawers to ensure everything has a home.

This trend celebrates individuality and ensures that each kitchen is as unique as its owner. As a bespoke kitchen designer, we’re excited to see more and more clients acknowledging the importance of tailored interior design.

7. Stained timber

Light-washed oak in particular is making a comeback into cabinetry. Ever since we installed our truffle oak cabinetry into the Showroom, we’ve seen an increase in the number of clients interested in stained timbers.

Stains enhance the natural grain of the wood. Whether its for a feature chopping block a dining table, or even timber as a main cabinetry finish, stained wood is back on trend.

At Krantz, we have our own range of bespoke stains that our clients can choose from. These, paired with high quality wood, create a traditional look that accentuates the cabinetry itself as a focal point of the kitchen.

8. Darker aesthetics

Black kitchens and monochrome palettes are a key trend for 2024. These kitchens make a definitive statement.

Whether it’s black and white – like our Bailgate Showroom – or completely black, as in our award-winning Stamford project, we’re seeing a complete 180 degree turn away from the light look for many of our new clients.

9. Advanced storage solutions

Efficiency is paramount, and 2024’s clients want innovative storage solutions designed to maximise space and minimise clutter.

Expect to see cleverly designed cabinets, hidden appliances, and multi-functional furniture that make kitchen organisation both easy and aesthetically pleasing. Our product design team are looking forward to pushing the boundaries of their creativity through even more complex briefs!

10. A nod to heritage and craftsmanship

The appreciation for traditional craftsmanship and heritage designs will see a resurgence, blending classic aesthetics with modern functionality.

Artisanal fixtures, handcrafted tiles, and bespoke furniture pieces add character and depth, celebrating the art of kitchen design. This trend is, of course, one that we’re pleased to see, as it aligns with everything that Krantz Designs values most.

A timeless trend…

As 2024 progresses, these trends will bring with them a year of innovative, sustainable, and personalised kitchen designs. However, a Krantz kitchen is a lifetime investment, and so the best trends to follow are those that align with your own unique taste.

Our designers are on hand to discuss your aesthetic preferences, the uses of your space, and your personal style. By getting to know each client’s individual requirements, we work with you to create a completely bespoke kitchen entirely tailored to you that you’ll love for years beyond the next new trend.

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