What the Competition Might Say About Krantz Designs

11 September 2023What the Competition Might Say About Krantz Designs

In the ever-evolving industry of bespoke kitchen designs, discerning consumers are met with many different options when it comes to style, function, and – of course – the brands they choose to work on their project.

At Krantz Designs, we pride ourselves on the excellence of our craftsmanship and our commitment to customer satisfaction. However, as with any leading brand that sets benchmarks in its industry, competitors often have criticism in spite of the positive feedback of our clients. It’s an age-old industry dynamic: where there’s success and innovation, there’s bound to be competition that seeks to highlight perceived shortcomings. As potential customers or just curious onlookers, it’s intriguing to wade through these varied opinions.

Our team are always on the lookout for ways to improve and, with this in mind, we pay just as much attention to criticism as we do to praise. It doesn’t happen often, but when we do receive criticism from those who haven’t worked with us, it usually centres around the same topics. We’re here to address these today.

“The Krantz designers incorporate design features that are over the top!”

View more of the design features in our Eastgate project here, including this unique pop up cocktail bar – A Krantz Designs signature for any kitchen island! 

Correct! We’ve never been one to shy away from bold decisions! Many of our competitors comment that our dedication to crafting intricate designs is commendable, but they often argue that some of the details we add are simply “too much”.

Do homeowners really need such intricate designs? Can’t they make do with simpler kitchens without the added innovations? Is this just style over substance?

View more of the design features in our Barnsdale project here

All are important questions, and these are questions that prospective clients should consider when contemplating using our services. We are of the opinion that your kitchen should be both beautiful and functional. We take ‘bespoke’ to the next level when adding touches that will improve our clients’ lives and, if you’re unsure as to whether or not this approach is for you, then take a look at our other blog: ‘Is a bespoke kitchen the right investment for me?’ 

“Krantz’s processes take way too long and lead times are excessive.”

Perfection can’t be rushed, and bespoke designs are all about delivering a flawless kitchen. Many of our competitors would argue that our meticulous processes can lead to extended lead times. This is true. However, they may also argue that homeowners could get a similarly high-quality kitchen in less time elsewhere. This is not the case.

High-quality kitchens that can be installed quickly are most definitely available elsewhere, but this time pressure may be a compromise to quality. In addition, bespoke, innovative designs take time. You can’t rush art.

See our blog on “How long does a bespoke kitchen take to design, manufacture, and install?” for more information.

“Krantz kitchens are too expensive.”

The saying “You get what you pay for” is well-known for a reason. While our pricing reflects our dedication to quality, rivals might point out that our price tags are on the steeper side.

View more of the design features in our Richmond project here

Unparalleled luxury comes at a higher cost than a standard kitchen, and bespoke kitchens cost more than mass produced luxury kitchens. We’re completely transparent about our pricing, and we ask all of our prospective clients to be open with us about their budget, so we can ensure our designs adhere to their financial expectations. Take a look at our other blog on ”How much does a bespoke kitchen cost?” to learn more.

“There’s a distinct ‘look’ to a Krantz kitchen, so they’re not really bespoke.”

Krantz Designs prides itself on its bespoke approach, crafting a unique kitchen for each and every client. However, our approach is very distinctive.

Just as a designer clothing brand has its own ‘look’ despite the variety of its clothing range, a Krantz kitchen incorporates key features that are recognisable to our brand. This signature aesthetic is desirable to the majority of our clients, however, your kitchen is bespoke to you, and our designs can always be tweaked in line with your specific aesthetic preferences.

The Krantz signature round island breakfast bar! View more of the design features in our Stamford project here

“Krantz will upsell and your kitchen will cost a lot more than you think.”

Initial quotes can sometimes evolve as the design process progresses. Critics might say that Krantz Designs’ clients could end up paying more than they initially anticipated due to various upcharges. This is why we request that our clients are fully transparent with us about their budgets, so that we can ensure your kitchen doesn’t come with an unexpectedly large price tag.

Inevitably, some clients elect to scale up their designs when they realise the capabilities of our team, but we are honest and upfront about the costs that come with these add-ons.

“Bespoke kitchens aren’t sustainable and they’re bad for the environment.”

Eco-conscious competitors occasionally argue that bespoke designs, with their specific material requirements, can sometimes be seen as less environmentally friendly because they’re not mass produced. Competitors might argue that Krantz Designs, and similar companies, need to adopt more sustainable practices to reduce their environmental footprint by creating products in bulk.

To produce materials at such a scale would contradict our ethos – no kitchen can be entirely bespoke if it is made from the same components as many other projects.

We go to great lengths to ensure all of our materials are sourced sustainably, and we plant a tree for every kitchen that we sell. A Krantz kitchen also comes with a lifetime guarantee – it’s best to buy a quality kitchen that will last a lifetime, as opposed to several kitchens of lesser quality that won’t stand the test of time.

Competition is vital in every industry – it’s what keeps us pushing for perfection and innovating our offerings. We need competitors to have their say, but it’s always crucial for clients to do their research, understand their priorities, and choose what aligns with their vision and values.

Krantz Designs, like any brand, has its strengths and its areas for improvement. And while it’s useful to know what critics say, first-hand experience often speaks loudest.

Take a look at our testimonials page to see reviews from clients we’ve worked with in the past.

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